Hello Jenn!

Congratulations on your keyboard. This page exist as a resource for you to assist in using your new keeb and to give you a personalized insight into the whole process. Of course for any problems or issues you may encounter, hit me up.

Your keeb is a NovelKeys NK65 Entry Edition, Purple variant. It weighs 0.66kg.

The board you have received has the following specs:


  • NP Electronic Game


  • Zeal Zilent v2 62g
  • TX switch film
  • Stems lubed with Krytox 104/205g0 mix
  • Springs lubed with Krytox 104


  • OEM stabs
  • Housing lubed with Krytox GPL 205G0
  • Wires lubed with dielectric grease


  • Hotswap
  • Per-key RGB lighting
  • QMK firmware with VIA support


  • Aluminum plate

Build notes:

This board would be one of the earliest keyboards I built myself. I changed the switches a few times before settling on the Zilents, which are tactile but silent switches from ZealPC.

Random associated story: ZealPC is one of the OG boutique companies offering high end switches at high end prices. Whilst Zeal products are still considered a good option, market trend and availability of cheaper and subjectively better choices mean that not many keyboard hobbyists run with these switches anymore.

Default (first layer) keymap. Keep in mind that this keyboard can be programmed in any way you wish, see the resources section or it is really for me to do it for you.

The second layer contains additional key binding, including media and lighting control. To activate these functions, press and hold the MO(1) key (right hand side of the r-alt key) along with the following keys, nothing that the triangle sign denotes that the second layer is the same as the first.

Please note the lighting control commands:

  • BR-: decrease brightness
  • BR+: increase brightness
  • EF-: decrease effect
  • EF+: increase effect
  • ES-: decrease effect speed
  • ES+: increase effect speed
  • H1-: decrease colour 1 hue
  • H1+: increase colour 1 hue
  • H2-: decrease colour 2 hue
  • H2+: increase colour 2 hue
  • S1-: decrease colour 1 saturation
  • S1+: increase colour 1 saturation
  • S2-: decrease colour 2 saturation
  • S2+: increase colour 2 saturation

The media control keys on this layer: page up, page down and end keys.